Gems listings what I mean by Gems listings is I want my book to be on the Poetry Gems Lists otherwise can say Patriotic Lists and this is Something true about me to let readers know about me, just as I love watching Luxury Listing realtors video and this is where my idea of gems listing has derived from, which I do go committed in writing my poetry to complete each title original with efficiency and with a clean perspective at all times so that readers can have the good vibrant air with reading my work. It is my natural ability seeing to avoid writing any of my themes without anything word giving the sense of offend, because I’d love the admiration being a good poet/lyricist.

I’m a cool born Jamaican poet and writing from the Caribbean to be published internationally around the world knowing I am not writing anything barbarian just makes me love writing poetry. I love poetry  it gives me that observatory perspective just to have the conscious sense of beauty of how admiring writing poetry is, which it truly is. Am truly motivated and truly at ease allBooks,Inc have embraced me on the work and I am truly appreciative and I trust everyone that comes across my book of poetry will make it a good read as I manifest it to be with clarity’ love and true enthusiasm.

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