Royalty Inked


‘Royalty Inked’‭ ‬my title‭ ‬‘I want to see myself fluently‭ ‬coming up with these kinds of titles that has the‭ ‬essence of joy with it‭, ‬that the fantastic folks of‭ ‬poetry will honestly love and admire‭. ‬Am writing poetry to‭ ‬have this good influence onto life‭, ‬just as at this‭ ‬present time in my life writing to earn excellent royalties‭ ‬from my work‭ {‬1‭ ‬of my most brilliant desire is‭ ‬to be seeing royalty with sunshine over my shoulders‭} ‬something‭ ‬I never use to see to my life and this‭ ‬book sure holds verses of sunshine and pleasant air I‭ ‬forever and always want to be breathing and seeing to‭ ‬my life‭. ‬And just like I got to turn the‭ ‬first few front pages of the book‭ {‬Adventures of Appreciation‭} ‬my book Royalty Inked is like a poetic adventure‭, ‬as‭ ‬it does expresses my appreciation for poetry and what ideas‭/‬vision I wish to add to the excellence of poetry‭/‬literature of the world‭.‬

I love my title’‭ ‬I wrote‭ ‬it cool with good decent humor and I do again‭ ‬express my admiration for beautiful women in this book‭. ‬This‭ ‬is my second work being published with international publishers and‭ ‬am still living at the Caribbean‭, ‬haven’t started travelling‭ ‬the foreign lands or any other Caribbean island‭, ‬but I‭ ‬did this work to prove my dedication and competence and‭ ‬that I’m not writing by luck‭, ‬but I’m‭ ‬writing with the beauty of true faith and that I‭ ‬do have decent‭ ‬’vibrant poetry to put into books to publish to the lovers of poetry and the world‭. ‬

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